Welcome to Southern Cruisers Chapter 501
Cambridge & Guelph Ontario
~ THE 501 ~

Thank you for visiting the site - we greatly hope this is your first step in becoming or remaining an active member! After all, it's only by posting on
our forum, getting involved in rides and social events, and meeting your fellow members that you'll get the full benefit of the Southern Cruisers experience! This page is your resource for all things related to YOUR club. The links at the left of this page will take you to a wealth of information about the Southern Cruisers organization, plus photos and news about Chapter 501 members and events!

[SCRC Chapter

SCRC501 is riding! Check our forum for details on where our next ride will take us.

Link to 2015 Ride Schedule

During the colder months or when the weather fails to cooperate, we meet on Wednesday evenings at

 The Duke and Duchess - 900 Jamieson Parkway, Cambridge


The Stampede Ranch - 226 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph

Come out between 7pm and 10pm to meet with your fellow Cruisers for a few laughs, a few beverages, and all the latest news!

Check out our forum postings for the latest "goings on" at SCRC501.

Your Officers:

Doug Johnson - 1st Officer

Jack Sooley - 2nd Officer


Jerry Fischer - 3rd Officer


Local Weather:


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